We Don´t Know Where We Are

by Git

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released September 14, 2013

Grabado en la Casa de la Música de Fuenlabrada. Producido por Antonio Horrillo y Git. Diseño y fotografía por Iván Pérez. killingsmilephoto.com/ivan-perez/



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Git Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Surrender
Closing time
Too late to feel the glory
In cloudy lands
We learn to hear the mourning.
There´s no way out
We´ll live our lives slowly
We know we´ll never find
Any kind of knowledge.

And I refuse to fight
I refuse to hold
the weight of my own thoughts
all alone,
And I don´t trust these lights
I don´t mind this world
I don´t think it can change anyway.

And I wont´count our forces
I wont´t face more problems
I wont´keep this lie anymore.
And I won´t follow the voices
I don´t care about the nonsense
Of all this madness around

I´ll be the first tonight.
Track Name: Fake
Never fake
Never fall
Never change
Never smoke
Never lie
Never hide
Never think
This could be a clue.

It´s not fair
To be judged
It´s not fair
To be ignored
It´s not true
That I will
never come back.

What would it be like
to become a rock star?
To be adored, to be chased
To be loved ´cos of your fame?
What would be it be like
To sing about the problem
Of being rich
And don´t remember
How it was before?
Track Name: Electrosadness
Pieces of a town
Pieces of a love
In an empty place.
Pieces of the past
Feelings coming out
And there´s no regret.

There´ll be no going back
There´ll be no place to hide
From yourself.
There´ll be no better lies
There´ll be no chance to smile
Beyond this day.

Wait, no one´s gonna care
Take all these useless words
There´s no future in this land
There are ten ghosts inside my head.
Track Name: Raincoat
Come, sit down,
drink a cold beer and smoke
don´t try to think
it´s not
the best we can do now.

Come, get close
Today is the day
We thought
All this years before
And we never gave up.

Seems like the sun is rising
The world is crashing
But we are safe here.
Seems like your skin can save me
Now that you are breathing
At the rhythm of my beats.

Get dressed, go
Take a quick shower
To avoid
To smell like the game of love
Smell of myself.

Give me a kiss
Before you´ll leave the room
And go
To your real life
Where I just don´t know you anymore.

Seems like our days are gone
Our chance is gone
And is not our choice.
Seems like your skin can save me
Now that you are breathing
At the rhythm of my beats.

All the trees around are wishing a third day of joy
All the stars above are wishing a third life of joy.
Time will cure the past by digging our hearts on the ground
Time will cure us all, will you be waiting around, or not?
Track Name: Time Crisis
Take the money, go and never return
Take your anger, make it grow anywhere
Go in silence, try not to make more pain
´cos this town is already full of mistakes.

What´s the secret of your face?
What are the lines of your hands?
What´s the reason of your hate?
What´s the answer to your prayers?
Everybody´s going out
So watch your back
Everybody´s looking at you
Why don´t you turn around?

Feel it, feel it
In your own body
Taste this old sensation
Try not to cry
´cos it won´t stop their violence
It won´t save your soul
It won´t stop their madness
It won´t help you at all.
Track Name: Shocks
She likes to pray
in every church
She enjoys the games
That have no name
She counts stars
On cloudy days
She´s not the kind of girl
Who makes you wait.

My baby needs shocks(3)
And I’m gone away.

She’s not afraid of feeling sad
She’s not afraid of being mad
She likes to take the strangest trains
She changes her mind at every step.

My baby needs shocks(3)
And I’m gone away

She’s the price of my hopes
She’s a song someone wrote
So I’m gonna trust her lies
´cos nobody likes to sing alone.

She’s the price of my holes
Though I’m going back to the start
She’s stronger than love.
Track Name: Another You
It looks like everything´s on fire
The flames fill my eyes,
I´d like to explode this room tonight
And break all the chains.
The slaves are burning all the streets
And there´s no other way,
There´s no other way.
I´ve got to begin from myself
Slowly, start burning myself.

Another you
Another you
Is getting born tonight,
Another you
Another you
And the willow smiles.

It looks like all the stars have died
The sky is full of tears,
I´d like to enjoy your help tonight
But I don´t have time,
The slaves are fighting for their bread
And there´s no other way
There´s no other way.
I´ve got to kill all the dogs
quickly, kill all the dogs.
Track Name: Bad News
After all these years of doubts
After all this pain inside
The truth is that i´m dying
All because of you and the way I miss you.

I´ve been waiting here for hours
Just to see you walking by,
Old pictures in my mind
Show me that one day
We were really happy.

Just trying to hide
All the love and all the pain we share under the lights
All the laughs and all the tears we share under the stars
All the useless words that now break my heart
´cos all I do is nonsense.

And now that time is running out
I know that very soon
Bad news will come around
There´ll be no going back
We´ll be apart forever.
Track Name: Funeral
Hey, wait,
long way down.
Hey, wait,
long way down…

The future is here
Like a golden storm
The ashes falling
In a nuclear song,
The lady stops
She turns her head
She sends you flowers
From her wicked grave.
And you don´t even try
You don´t even care
And all these secrets
won´t mean anything,
Why try to shout
Why try to escape
If the sky is falling
Like an old machine.

Hey, wait,
long way down.
Hey, wait,
long way down…
Track Name: Let´s Go Party
I´m just hiding from another ghost
I´m too lazy to discern what´s good and what´s wrong
I´m getting older that I never thought
What´s the point of trying to bring you home.

We are just fighting (let´s go party)
We are losing our illusions (let´s go party)
We are burning our fires. (let´s go party)

I´m too lazy to see this will get worse
I´m gonna make it explode before you´ll go
And we´ll keep dancing over ashes and gold
And we´ll keep fighting over years of crazy love.

We are just fighting (let´s go party)
We are losing our illusions (let´s go party)
We are burning our fires. (let´s go party)
/The room is on fire
The house is on fire
The town is on fire
Track Name: Twelve
Come into this song
Come into this sweet lie
Thoughts are forbidden
Just get inside.

We go and go on
We travel through the six skies
We imagine our homes
Burning and we don´t mind.

My innocence is gone
My face is full of distance
No sun will say no
To all of our dreams now.
Track Name: Just
Holding your hands with my mind
I feel no one else is here
Raining blood from my eyes
I feel nothing is real
Watching you escaping
From this land
My ears don´t hear clearly
Why all these dreams full of tears
Tell me, nothing is real.
Just, you and I.
Track Name: All Those Hopes
The world is failing
The world is failing
Absolutely failing
Absolutely failing.

Our love is failing
We both have failed,
Absolutely failing
Absolutely failing.

I crossed the world
To find a cure
I crossed the sky
To save our love.

The drugs are failing
The drugs are failing
Absolutely failing
Absolutely failing.

The songs are failing
The songs have failed,
Absolutely failing
Absolutely failing.

I crossed the world...

Hold my hand
You never want the truth
The sun will rise
You´ll never kiss me again...

All those fears
all those fears
will turn into tears
scratching behind the rocks
scratching behind the rocks
for all those hopes.